Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Garden Hexagon Progress.

It may be the shortest day of the year but I am getting a lot done. It's drizzly, so I'm staying in.
Quite a bit of progress with my garden ( flowers and foliage ) hexagons.
 The top left pile have all been hand stitched down. The right pile are pinned ready to stitch.
 The front  pile are cut out in the 2 sizes, backing being the larger size as it get folded around the batting and front fabric  to be sewn down on the front.

 These 4 show how I have been saving fabric. Cutting out hexagon especially from fat quarters is quite wastful, so I use bigger yardage where I can
 From my left overs I sew Strips to form a new fabric then cut the hex from it.
 This shows how the hexagon template allows me to see under neath.  This hexagon is stalks / leaves / foliage and they will be used between some of the floral hexagons.
 Some I have joined on an angle as I don't want all vertical and horizontal lines.
 Here's how I joined it . Sewed along where it is pinned then flipped it over and trimmed the excess green from behind.
 I am only joining the top ( smaller / front fabric ) hexagons. If I joined the backing it would create difficulties with neat folding required to keep the hexagons the right shape and size.

 Did I tell you how generous some of my fellow quilters have been with their fabric. They looked through their stashes and scraps and came along with bags for me to take what I liked from. I haven't made all the decisions yet, but intend giving them all a voucher for more new fabric  as a thank you because some have given me quite big pieces.
 Other good news to share. Our Kiwifruit crop packed out well. We got the largest # of trays we have ever had. A 19 % increase on our previous best so we are very happy about that.
 Thank you for your kind Comments too!


Pauline said...

I am in awe of your patience and creativity. I look forward to seeing the end result. Congratulations on your bumper crop.

molly said...

What a co-incidence! I've been making little paper pieced hexagons for the last few nights. And when I say "little" I mean it. Each one is less than an inch across when finished! It's the most recent pattern for The Splendid Sampler and I hissed when I saw it and said "never!" But I am easily tempted, so three nights later, with about two more to go.... You didn't say what size they are? I like making them in the English paper piecing method but when this little block is done I think it's safe to say I will never again, in this lifetime, make any as small as these!

Wondering what the overall quilt will look like? They are for a quilt?

Ali Honey said...

*Yes Molly they are for a quilt. A large quilt if I get there. These are big by your standard.
I too am wondering what they will look like. I think they will need to be viewed from a distance?
The look I am aiming for is a tall garden border. So ground/ peebles perhaps and soil at the bottom up through layers of different plants.
I know large blobs of colour will be required not all different fabrics. It's going to take a while.

* Thanks Pauline.

Vagabonde said...

I like your selection of flowery fabric for your quilting hexagons. The finished quilt should be very pleasing. I do not quilt but once a year there is a large quilt show in an antebellum Georgia historic home near us and we do not miss it. Quilting to me is a real art. The variety is endless. (I posted many pictures of the quilts from the show on my blog if you’d like to have a look.)

Ali Honey said...

Thank you Vagabonde,
I have looked at the quilts and your Blog. Lots for me to see and read there. I have added you to my list down the side of my Blog.
Thank you for commenting.

Unknown said...

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