Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Gone to the Recycling.

This very tatty, ripped,  passed it's use by date poly house is no longer. No more flapping plastic.
 R and Son pushed it over on Sunday and all the cut up parts were taken to recycling on the truck this morning.
 R is going to rebuild similar using wood and ?  At the moment the back of the asparagus cage and the blueberry cage is wide open..but there is nothing for the birds to steal. Behind it is the biggest most prolific feijoa tree..

 I have been trying to insert a video of it falling over but it won't open.
 So a short post.

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kiwikid said...

I wish we had a big prolific feijoa tree, so envious. We have a baby tree, I am hoping it grows soon 😁. Good to get a new poly house.