Thursday, June 18, 2020

Something Soapy.

 I have now used up all my   left over hexagons  from my Garden quilt of 2 years ago.
 They are in between size . Either large coaster or small place mats. I have lots this same size I put under pot plants and dishes on any surface that might get scratched or stained.
 I now need to start a new hand sewing Project!

Below is a photo of a gift I was given. Anyone tried it?

 It is hand made in Brentwood Lane.
!00% plant oil based soap wrapped in NZ Corriedale wool.
 Apparently the wool felts up as the soap get smaller. It says it is a good exfoliant and anti fungal.
 As you can see I haven't wet it yet. I will report back 
 I looked on their website and there are lots of  different soaps. This one is Charcoal Detox. - it smells interesting - not unpleasant. ( the only worry I have is the wool blocking the drain? )

 Getting a little rain.

 I have only my quilt to layer and quilt and my knitting to finish. ( new project ??? )

Made savoury scones ( yum ) and leek and potato soup this morning.

 I have posted this using new Blogger. I also fiddled about a bit and discovered I can read your blogs if you are listed on my right hand side bar under My Blog List.
 I cannot read your blogs if you are on my Reading List which is on the entry page to blogger - that involves being redirected to your blogs ( 2 more steps ).
 If that continues I will need to list all blogs I want to follow on my My Blogs List.
 I also found out if I click on New post from my blog it does it the old way. If I click on New Post on the previous page it is new Blogger.
 I need to retrain myself!.


kiwikid said...

So many new things to learn with blogger, I guess between all us bloggers we will work it out! I have a soap similar to yours, and as you use it the wool does felt and gets a wee bit thicker. I haven't had any wool go down the drain. I have found it best for hand washing, not so good for in the shower. Your hexies are great.

Janice said...

I’m just getting a chance to finally catch up on reading blogs. Firstly, happy birthday for the other day. What a gorgeous array of flowers you received. I have some soap like that too. I haven’t used, it as it is too pretty. It was made by one of Mum’s friend s from their spinners and weavers group. I believe the wool just continues to felt as the soap is used, so it should stay together. I must use it, as ther is no point in it just sitting in the cupboard. We are seeing early spring flowers stating here too. Crazy season.