Monday, June 08, 2020

A Very Floral Day.

Yesterday I was spoilt with wonderful flowers , lunch out, cards , texts, email and gifts.

 ( click to enlarge ) 
 Knowing how I enjoy my garden and flowers and growing things all my family and friends decided flowers would be the ideal gift, for my birthday (75 ) ..and they are but  I was hard pressed to find the ideal  vase and place for them all. I have now and will endeavour to make them all last as long as possible. The cyclamen will probably out do the others for 
lasting but I have my eye on several chrysanthemum cuttings that may grow if I'm smart.
 The apricot and orange flowers are sitting in a small metal bucket inside the kité. 
 In the 3 lots of flowers there are:- lilies; chrysanthemums; sunflower; gerbras; roses; flannel flowers banksias; leucodendrons; carnation;  cymbidium orchids; gloriosa lilies ; dutch iris; an anthurium ; a floral cabbage. and 4 types of foliage.
( so I was doing my bit to support local businesses especially florists. and restaurants ) Very spoilt!


molly said...

Happy belated birthday fellow Gemini! Beautiful flowers and no-one better to make them last.

loulee said...

Happy Birthday. You sure were spoiled with flowers. I hope those cuttings take for you.

Mary said...

So glad your birthday - and a very special one - was so much fun. The flowers are just glorious and you will enjoy them for some time I'm certain.

Many happy returns dear Ali - you're still younger than me, haha!
Hugs - Mary

Deb said...

Ali, happy birthday wishes for yesterday. What a beautiful array of blooms containing such stunning flowers. Yes you should be able to get somme great cuttings. Those pom pom crysanthemums are lovely and last a ling time.
Enjoy the rest of yourbirthday week.

kiwikid said...

Happy birthday, you have been sent such beautiful flowers and it will be wonderful if you can get some cuttings from them.