Saturday, March 10, 2007

Quilt as You Go Method.

Yesterday at my P & Q group we had a lesson on one method of quilt as you go ( or joining pre quilted blocks ).


- All the blocks you wish to join must be quilted through top, batting and backing fabric.

- All blocks need to be the same size.

- Each block needs to be sewn around the outer edge as close as you can. ( trim all excess )

2 sizes of joining strip need to be cut. ( can be same fabric or 2 different )

- Top strip 1 1/4 " wide ( and the length of the blocks )

- Back joining strip 2" wide and length of block. Fold this in half right side out and iron.

- if the order and direction of the blocks matters, lay them in place, right side up and number them.


- Pin then sew the back joining strip ( the folded one ) to the right hand side of the back of block one. Raw edge to raw edge. (see pic ) make the seam just less than the usual 1/4".

- turn this block and now sew the narrower strip down the same hem line ( on the other side )this time making the sewing line slightly wider than the usual 1/4". ( this stitching line should cover the first line of stitching. ( check )

- place block 1 and 2 right sides together and pin the unsewn edge of the narrow strip to the left hand edge of block 2.

- Turn both blocks to the back side and pin; then hand sew down the folded edge of the joining strip.


- Using the same sequence continue sewing your blocks together, till you have the desired number in a row. Then another row etc.

- Now using the same method join 2 finished rows together horizontally. Just like you do if you are joining blocks with sashing.


If you have the fabric available cut the joining strip in a long length and cut off after each seam, less wastage and they are then all the correct length. You can even use a string piecing system once you have sorted the method out.


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Great tutorial, I'll have to have another go, I just made up the rules the time I tried it. Good to see you are making your own sauce and chutney as well, nothing like the taste! Tracey

Joyce said...

Thanks for teh tutorial. I am going to use this method for my scrappy quilt as soon as I find the right color for the sashing.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I've done this, Ali, after I got fed up trying to push queen-sized quilts through the sewing machine. I enjoyed it.

meggie said...

Ali, thanks so much for the tutorial. I think for old shoulders like mine, it will be so much easier- I might try it for the quilt I have copied off Joyce!