Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wetland Walking.

Swamp = wetland.
Sunday's walk for us was across the board walks and tracks that now cross the swamp on the out skirts of Tauranga (in our direction.)The track wends it's way from one new subdivision at Bethlehem to the highway ( up and over that using the footpaths ) and into another new subdividon. The low lying swampy parts were not suitable for housing and have been mostly cleared and New Zealand Native Flora planted. The planting is from 1 to 6 years old and bird life abounds in the creeks and small ponds. The high areas are gravel paths the low bits are wooden board walks. The wood is very springy and makes me walk jauntily - march almost. Along the way we meet pukeko,mallard ducks, paradise ducks, black swans and a heron. I enjoy the meandering perspective lesson the board walk gives as I look forward or back.


Diana said...

Such a beautiful spot to walk! I was thinking that most places like that in the states have been drained in the name of "progress." The bird watching must be out of this world.

molly said...

So lush and green....now I understand why I've heard so often that NZ is like Ireland.

meggie said...

Oh Ali, you make me homesick! What a lovely way to get some exercise, & enjoy the birdlife.