Saturday, March 17, 2007

Quilting - a little production line.

The inclement weather has gone and sun has returned to the BOP. I've done 2 gardening stints today, to make up for several days inside.

While it rained and blew I used my time well making a little production line machine quilting my blue hexagons. I stacked them next to the machine and one by one proceeded.

I begin in reverse for about 5 stitches then change direction and proceed along each side of the hex till I meet where I began and do another 5 reverse stitches. Cut and throw to the table behind me. (Leave in reverse ) Grab the next one and repeat. Pretty soon there is quite a pile of hex waiting to have the cotton tails closely trimmed and that's it done! ( I stand up to do that part as I find it good to change position often .)
Sorry I stuffed up the link to your site Joyce, careless typing ( I hate doing that ! ) I have been trying to think what else to add to my tree and chicken panel further along...... Quirky flowers perhaps. Not houses. Or something else....still wondering.
Thanks for all the comments lately girls..........I love hearing from you !
WOW Dale! The Chiefs won their first game - Convincingly!!! NZ also beat England in the cricket!


meggie said...

Oh Ali, it is so nice to read comment of the BOP. I was once approached in a 'Southern' Hotel, by someone asking if anyone was 'from the Bay?" I didnt twig at first, but was delighted to find a girl I went to school with. Her massive husband had looked so threatening, we had at first denies all knowledge!
We have had a revisit of the hot hot hells! So we are awaiting the return of Autumn!

Fiona said...

I just spotted the kiwi print among the hexagons - very appropriate!

Simonetta said...

Hello Ali, your hexagons they are very beautiful indeed!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Those hexagons are great. I love your nerines, I hope mine come up, it will be a test of strength!
I'm enjoying Joyce's chhoks as well, yours look great, Cheers, Tracey ps Sorry about your train friend, but so lucky everyone was fine this time,