Friday, September 25, 2015

Other projects.

Today I am at home when normally on the 4th Friday of the month I would be at my Patchwork Group. I have a cold and don't wish to pass it on to my quilting friends, although that is where I got in in the first place last weekend.( a kind friend? shared it with me! )
 So instead I am working on some of my alternative projects. Above is the first photo of felt embroidered ball # 26.
 So far only 2 motifs have been added.
 I have been making these balls as gifts for babies ( mainly ). They have sort of become my speciality. This one is being made for a very special little person who will be arriving soon.
 I was looking back to when I first started making them...last century! haha. My eye sight was much better then and my stitches smaller. I still enjoy the process, the hardest thing being deciding on the motifs to make it personal - no 2 balls are ever exactly the same although some motifs are repeated( my favourites ) Some motifs have been made only once and not repeated if too difficult or not so successful.
 As you can see from the photo there are 10 more motifs  needed on this ball. ( as the ball is made up of 12 pentagons ) I will show photos as it progresses.

 I also decided to use up my knitting wool scraps. All 4ply  in garter stitch on size 7 needles in the hope of making it quite loose and light and airy.
 It is 3 feet wide and no more stitches would fit on the needles. So far it feels light and snugly; that was my aim. I think it will end up a cot size blanket for the same little person.


Jennifer said...

I'm sure that ball and rug will be loved by their new little owner! Must have missed your last post too, don't know how that happened - I enjoy seeing quilt show pics.

Diane-crewe said...

hope you soon feel much better x Your little balls are great.. just right for little hands xx