Thursday, September 10, 2015

Choice Flowers & Making, Making, Making.

I was thrilled to find this lovely bloom  other day.   A Les Jury hybrid  Camellia. It is growing quite a long way from the house down on a bank beside what used to be our dam ( pond ). It was one of only a few survivors after the dam got washed away.

 Also a bit different are these pink frilly daffodils I picked to put with other yellow daffs and Winter Cheer Jonquils  in a vase on the sideboard. They are called daffodil Taurus.

Progress on things to be finished before our Exhibition  at the end of next week, has been aided by some wet Spring days.
 Little novelty felt brooches for the Christmas sales table.
 My job as proof reader for all the notations for beside the entries ( quilts; wall hangings; bags novelties etc. ) has been done. Now the Convener can print off the final version.

 All my quilt labels are printed and sewn on!


 On my personal projects this wee  grape coloured sleeveless pullover, modelled here by Old Ted  is ready to wear, when it's wee owner arrives ( soon ).

 I have been making feeders. I think I now know the best method after some frustration. So will try some more. Fabric on one side and towelling on the other.

 I am also working on a baby exercise  floor mat - like a very large padded flat cushion. This is part of the covering. The Bernina did not like the multi layers of batting I asked it to sew . Some of it will need to be secured by hand.

 At nights I am knitting another blanket to use up all the scraps from the other finished knitting  projects.  I am using garter stitch on size 7 needle with 4 ply so it will be quite light and airy . I hope.  It is a combination of fawns blues greens . I will show a photo when there is more to see. It is 200 stitches wide.


Sew Quilt Designs said...

Lovely flowers and those Christmas trees are really neat :)

Jennifer said...

I've never seen pink daffies before! Love those Christmas tree brooches - what a neat idea.

Wendy said...

It's lovely to visit your blog, your flowers are gorgeous and I love the things you are making for your exhibition. Wendy