Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cherries and Elm.

The flowering cherry trees on our driveway are looking splendid.

 Prunus yedoensis"Awanui."

Photos taken very late afternoon.

 Also looking amazing is the Golden Elm tree.

Ulmus Glabra lutescens.

A very interesting flower. 
( maybe the lime bits are bracts not petals ) 
 I used magnification to look right into it's centre. The little maroon tip on each petal is hairy and has nectar.
 I picked some and am watching it on the kitchen window sill.

I love the colour!
 The property is humming with busy bees delighted with the variety of flowers available.


Sew Quilt Designs said...

Gorgeous trees. NZ is so lovely in Spring :)

Janice said...

Spring certainly is a lovely time of the year. The blue skies make everything look so bright. I love golden elms, their colours really stand out in each season.

molly said...

I keep forgetting that when we're in Orange you're in Pink and delicious Spring Green!