Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Still More Quilts.

Jenni who was the Convenor of our Exhibition made this lovely Activity quilt ( or mat )
 It has many  detachable parts.
 Here the arms move so the doll may be taken out.
 The rabbits may be taken out of the pram.
 The dresses come off and they have pretty under garments.
 Lots of the flowers and other shapes were attached with Velcro and pull off.
 I guess if any parts got lost new ones could be made.

 I think for an older child zips and laces and things to tie could be added.

Beth's Peacock on black had  lovely colours.

 The appliqué she added made the quilt.
Jocelyn's French General fabrics were well used. ( there are lots of paper pieced points in there. )
 Some quilts had to be hung along the railing.

 The display of baby quilts. Can you see my little owl quilt? I bet you can't because unless you looked right in the cot it wasn't visible.
 It got folded in half and wrapped around the mattress. I was not pleased about that. The quilt on the pram didn't get noticed either.

 The tones in Sandra's quilt were subtle but interesting.

 On the Sales Tables there was little rhyme or reason as to what sold.
 Only one clown toy sold. They were cheaply priced too, so C and J had to take them home again.
 Things had to be a almost give away price to get bought. While I was working there I sold 2 matching car quilts for $50 each and the next day a quilt for $75. The fabrics involved couldn't be replaced for that. The owners said they would give them to charity if they didn't sell. In each case the quilts were bought by quilters from elsewhere who recognised the good value.

 Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the Comments- I am glad you enjoyed a few of the quilts from our Show.

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Elizabeth said...

Looks like a sucessfull show. Thank you for giving us a peek at the gorgeous quilts from the comfort of the couch.