Monday, November 23, 2015

Beehives and Babies.

There was quite a good thunder storm on Saturday night when our beehives for pollinating the kiwifruit, were supposed to arrive, so they didn't arrive till just before 9 yesterday morning. 

 This year the hives are in just 2 places . 12 here and 12 down in the other big block. Situated in the sun and out of the wind as much as possible.
 There is plenty of work for the bees to do. Here female flowers are almost all out.
 They are getting straight to work. There will always be some that fly off to the garden instead. One stung me on my right index finger late yesterday afternoon when I was weeding. ( not it's fault - I didn't see it ). My usual treatment worked well. I had the sting removed using the sharp blade of my secateurs to scrape the sting sideways so very little got into me. ( don't squeeze the little bag part ) I then applied deodorant within a minute of getting the sting so my finger hardly swelled at all. Last night when it got a bit sore I reapplied deodorant. ( don't laugh; try it next time you get any sort of sting; it works wonders )
 I have never been stung working with the kiwifruit. The bees just seem to get out of my way if I get too close.

 You will need to look closely at this . Here bees are returning to the hives. All those little black dots are flying bees. The doorway is the slit at the bottom of each hive.

Yes I ( we )  have had another lovely visit with Grandson and his parents. He has grown a lot since last time.
 This is Grandson's right hand. You can see he needs a manicure. I tried and shortened a few using my glass nail file; but I wasn't much good at it and he wanted to keep moving so it would probably be best to do it while he is asleep.
 I took many many photos, so have lots to pick from. Here is one of him lying on the quilt I made him ( he has another lovely one a friend made him, so he uses both )
 Here he is exercising and communicating . He's a dear wee man.
 He is 7 weeks old.

I wonder if you can work out who this baby is?
The old black and white photo might be a clue.


Sew Quilt Designs said...

I'll remember that tip but hope not to use it! Don't stay tiny baby's for long do they. I'm guessing the baby in the black and white photo is you? Looking back on old photos I notice people dressed so smartly in those days :)

Ali Honey said...

Yes you are right it is me on my Dad's knee.