Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finished in 3 Days.

I began making a clutch ball for my Grandson on Sunday afternoon and it was finished last evening. Yea .
 The idea of this ball is all the nooks and crannies make it easier for little hands to grasp than a regular ball. It may be made in any size you like . The smaller the less stuffing required but it makes sewing the parts more tricky.

 Here are the stages of making one.
Cut a pattern for each of the 2 components. One shape is a triangle with one side curved up. The other is an ellipse ( the darker fabric seen here ) with pointy ends.The curve of the ellipse needs to match the curve of the triangular part.
 Cut 24 of the triangular parts and 12 of the ellipse. Each section of the ball has 3 parts sewn together.
 Here are the piles of 3 with the top wrong side to the triangular part. Sew a 1/4 " seam across the curved top. Then do the same again adding the 2nd triangular side. to the opposite  curve of the ellipse
 Here are 2 of the parts sewn up and turned right side out. If you look really closely you may see the unsewn section, where you turned it through and where you will then stuff it. Make the gap half way down one of the side seams avoiding the corners.( it's the bit that looks like it is bulging on the right of the bottom shape )

 This is one of the 12 you need to make, stuffed with light fluffy batting bits or similar stuffing which can be purchased. ) and the gap firmly hand sewn shut.

 This is the first stage of assembling the ball.The 4 on the right have had their tips sewn together. All 12 have to be fitted in to the same central point really firmly. ( a juggling act! )
 This shows 11 sewn in with the 12th having to go into the only gap left.

 There all sewn in , but a bit higgledy piggledy.

 The parts now have to be firmly sewn together in groups of 4 like this.
 You may need to twist and turn them a bit to make them fit. After I had sewn the first 4 together I got some safety pins and made sure the other 3 groups of 4 were going to cooperate. Continuing sewing the ends of the dark fabric part together in 4s till all ends are secured. 

Here is a different angles.
 Not a project for a beginner sewer or the faint hearted.
 The first one you make is always the most mysterious. The ones there after go together more easily. Having a photo of the finished object also helps.


molly said...

Love your colours Ali! I've made one of those for one of my grandsons. It was pretty big but easy to hold, as you pointed out, because of all the nooks and crannies. I found it a bit fiddly to make --- have not made another! But I was very pleased with it at the time....

Diane-crewe said...

what a great idea x I am sure he will love to hold onto it .. and throw it for all the adults to run after when he gets a bit older!! lol x