Wednesday, January 16, 2019

When We grow a Lot of Produce........

When we grow a lot of produce quite a lot of time has to be spent picking and processing/ eating it.
 The big pot is plum sauce . The smaller is stewed to freeze plums.  
Early Billington plums.Lovely Colour!
 The plum sauce filled these recycled sterilised bottles. ( about 6 litres in all ) 
Yummy sweetcorn cobs now ready.
These cobs must have been well pollinated as they are tight with no kernels missing. Just a little butter and black pepper is all I like on them.

I have been reading "Becoming, "   by Michelle Obama.  An enjoyable biography. Quite an insight into how a first lady has to live.

A little light rain has meant some inside time.
 Sewing in this house still seems a bit strange. I can't find things as they are all in big containers ( and so very neat )   at the other end of the house. They have to remain that way. (Before ( In the previous house )  I could open up my big cupboard and eye ball things, especially the fabric.) 
 I am trying to think of a solution...maybe a trolley of some sort would help.

 I made a list of the projects I wanted to start; complete or extend. 
This is an extension. I already ( way back in 2011 and before )  made several letters to hang ( peg  up )  a banner/ word bunting with interchangeable letters.
 It got used at Christmas; then at a Sales Table at an Exhibition. Then at a a wedding party.  In order to write more / different messages I need more letters.
 I also want to make sure I have all the letters for both Grandson's names.
 These are 3 layers : backing batting and top with machine sewn letter and binding which is then hand sewn down on the back. 6 inches square.  The binding is the fiddly part.


molly said...

What a green thumb you have Ali! Just looking at the colors makes my mouth water.
I decided I was just going to 'play' in the sewing room for the first month of the year. Making lists of UFOs to work on can wait 'til February. I don't sew to increase my stress, quite the opposite. So I've been 'playing' with selvedge strips. We'll see what comes of it! I like your idea of making quilted letters - but get behind me Satan!- I don't need another project...

Janice said...

Yum! Plum sauce is so nice. When we had our plum tree I used to make my Grandma's recipe. I'll have to have another go one year. Your corn looks yummy too. I can understand how you feel about your storage. I'd love a big cupboard in my sewing room, but I just have dressers etc, and no room to put one. At least your supplies are nice and neat where they are now.