Saturday, January 26, 2019

P and Q Picnic.

Yesterday was the right temperature for a picnic. ( not too hot or too windy ) Our Patchwork and Quilting group met at Yatton Park (  off Fraser street in Tauranga ). We sat beneath a large Cherry tree. Only about 25 of our members turned up, many still being away on holiday I think. The fountain above is part of a water feature in the park.
 From the fountain pool the water runs downhill in this shallow narrow stream. Alright for paddling in a small boys told me , but a bit slippery.

This is where we spent a couple of hours,  under this tree , chatting, stitching ( by hand ) some knitting. 
 Some quilt bindings got finished. I stitched down the bindings around some of my new letters I have been producing.

 There are public toilets and BBQs and playground as part of the park. Not a large amount of parking space  inside the park however. The road outside can be used ( and just step over a low fence ), also a nearby side street. A feature of this park has always been big huge old trees, some rare ones.
 Worth a visit and a walk  or a picnic if you are nearby.


Pam said...

Ah, you're not one of the post-every-six-weeks brigade! I enjoy reading your posts too.

molly said...

Just arrived here from 'Scotland' and I see The Scot got here before me with comments about once-in-six-weeks bloggers! If I could only download the blogs in my head directly without having to type there'd be a blog post every day. I'm working on it! Seems that us three are the only holdouts from back in the early days! I always enjoy reading about your gardening and your quilting Ali. Keep 'em coming!

Janice said...

It sounds like the perfect way to spend the day with friends. I’m glad the weather gods were looking after you.