Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 2.

Another rose with a lovely perfume sitting on my bench. ( Abraham Darby )
One of the projects ( if you could call it that ) I'm doing  is to cut up all scraps in my scrap bin into usable squares 1.5 up to 5" or into long strips. I'm doing some each day.
 I cooked a very large savoury scone that will be cut into wedges . Any left will be frozen.
 On my walk I did pass 2 neighbours going the other way. We stayed on our separate sides of the road and called out greetings to each other.


loulee said...

That scone looks tasty.
Enjoy playing with your scraps.

Janice said...

Abraham Darby is a beautiful rose. Are yours all getting an autumn flush? Our roses are. That savoury scone looks delicious. I bet it smelled divine. Enjoy playing with your scraps.

kiwikid said...

That scone looks amazing. You have a beautiful rose, well done on sorting the scraps.