Sunday, March 29, 2020

Day 4.

                     Thanks for commenting Ladies.
 So sad to read this afternoon that the first NZer has died of Covid - 19. A lady in her 70s in Greymouth in the South Isalnd ( West Coast )
 This shows some of the road where I walk. That's a friend's house on the right. I live further up and around a corner to the right. It's always quiet but now even quieter on our road.


loulee said...

It is sad news. There will be much more to come I am sure.
Best we can do is stay home and stay safe.
Eerily quiet here too.

Mary said...

So very sad and the future is very worrying. We have almost 800 confirmed cases here in North Carolina and three deaths, two older residents one 37 y.o. city worker. Of course cities such as New York are a whole different horror story! We are about to start second week of self-isolation here but tomorrow, (Mon.) at 5 pm, our entire state will be under a stay-at-home lock down.
Thankfully I have a garden to walk around!

It certainly is a different world and it all changed so quickly.
Lovely picture of your road - do stay safe and remain well.
Mary -

Pam said...

The saddest deaths here, I feel, are among the doctors who tend the sick. A youngish consultant died in London today.

We're just going for walks and pottering in the garden and (in my case) sewing. As you say, very sadly grandchildren we only see on the computer don't make mess (in our houses). I worry about our London daughter - it's the epicentre in Britain, and if she and her husband both got ill at the same time, there's no one to look after little Astrid (2). I'd need to go down and I'm not sure how easy that would be.

kiwikid said...

Very sad to hear of that death. Enjoy your walks and keep safe.

Janice said...

A sad turn of events. Enjoy your walks