Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Harvesting and Gardening.

 This is the last of the peaches. We have eaten them raw and I have poached and frozen some and given others away. ( most develop rots within 48hours of picking ) So work fast!

 The William bon Chretien pears ( also known as Bartlett pears in NZ ) have been prolific but I picked this final lot as the wasps and birds were making them disappear too fast. After a short while these will begin to change to yellow and are very juicy and sweet. They are nice raw or cooked.

 Lots of pulling out of vege plants that have done their thing. Tomatoes particularly. I am clearing all plants from the unsightly old poly house. R is going to pull it down and replace with a smaller structure.
In the flower garden, which is just hanging in there because of watering restrictions, I am planting a few new daffodils and freesias.

 At the moment we are getting really high tides.

 So far since we have lived here the jetty has never been underwater but apparently it has happened ;the neighbours have photos.


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Janice said...

Water restrictions certainly make life difficult in the garden. We are on very strict restrictions here too, but fortunately the extreme heat has passed and we are getting some rain (although our water supply dam level is still falling). We are getting some nice steady rain right now. So nice to her on the roof. Our tomatoes have just about finished, but out beans are just coming to their peak. We have picked our first few raspberries, which are very late, and there are quite a few berries coming on. We now just have to beat the frosts. Enjoy your peaches and pears.

kiwikid said...

Your peaches and pears look wonderful. We have figs ripe here at present. Gardening is hard with the water restrictions, I remember Mum complaining when they were imposed in Tauranga.