Saturday, March 28, 2020

Day 3.

 Very bright Zinnias give my heart a lift. No nice perfume but the colour makes up for that.

 Someone in our subdivision ( gated community ) suggested we were all at risk of catching the virus from our mail boxes. If the mail man or the mail was infected or any of the box owners there was potential to spread it along  all of us if we collected the mail.

 The boxes are situated inside our communal gateway that leads out to the main highway.
 When I walk I take a walking stick - not cause I need it to walk but in case I meet an unattended dog ( s) ( I started this long ago when I used to walk in the Quarry Park behind where our orchard was.) ( so for self defence ) 
 Yesterday I found I could use the bottom of my stick to open the mail box. There was mail inside so I returned to the house and collected a spray bottle of meths and a cotton glove and a large paper bag. I returned to the mailbox and sprayed it ( it's plastic )  I put the glove on my right hand and removed the mail and dropped it into the paper bag. When I got home I tipped it all on the concrete and sprayed the plastic wrapping around the Sky watch magazine. I sprayed the other paper articles and left them to dry in the sun. I put the paper bag in the incinerator.
 This is rather a rigmarole so from now on I will collect the mail only when I know there is some or on Mondays if the Listener has been sent ( or a proper snail mail letter ).

How are you all coping?


kiwikid said...

That is a rigmarole with your post, but better to be safe.

loulee said...

It is rather a rigmarole, but needs must if we are to stay safe.
We didn't come across the post issue yet.

Mary said...

Our mailbox stands alone at the end of the driveway - I haven't done anything to decontaminate our mail!
Things have certainly changed and life will never be the same by sound of it.

Stay well and being cautious is good.

Janice said...

The zinnias are so cheerful. I always forget to plant them at the right time. So many things to think about, that we usually take for granted. It's a great idea to keep a record, to remind us of what we went through.

Nancy J said...

I am also spraying all mail with meths, Hugh managed to get the last bottle at our local Mitre 10 just before lockdown. It does blur any handwriting, but on plastic is the best. We have a friend doing grocery and pharmacy stuff, his workplace is shut down, and as well over 70, we are advised to stay put.Lots to do, but lacking motivation right now, I have told myself " Get the curtains finished and you can play with some batiks" That is a very good reason to get the lining onto the last curtain and hang it up. Hope you can walk in safety, and stay well up there.