Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Day 41

My potted Spider lily is just starting to flower. It is a tiny Nerine bowdenii ( or Guernsey lily ) .
 It is in a dark blue ceramic pot and was sitting on an outside table. I had to bring it in where there was a light coloured background to take the photo. It is one of my most special plants as the bulbs came from my Mum's garden about 45 plus years ago..
 I think it is having 14 flowers heads.

We have had rain and  wind and yesterday thunder and today drizzle. Altogether over an inch or 27 mls. of rain. Good, we needed it and I put replacement grass seed on some bare patches on the lawn so haven't had to water for 2 days.

 I have started making a community quilt out of some of the 5" squares I cut from my scraps.  There are a lot of green ones so green will be the dominant colour. ( dark ,medium and light ) . I am making disappearing 9 patch that I have done before. The middle square of each 9 will be plain mauve ; pink; lemon  or orange. These are the squares that later get cut  and rearranged.
 I choose the 5" squares ( could have used 4" or 3" ) as  I didn't want too much work for a Community quilt. What is a community quilt you might ask...we used to call them charity quilts but were told that was not PC - no one wants charity! .. ( .I bet they do if they are cold enough ! ) ( anyway they are quilts we donate to someone who needs bedding ) 


loulee said...

Looking forward to seeing lots of progress pictures.
Pretty little flowers, special too.

kiwikid said...

That is a beautiful plant and flower with special meaning for you. Well done on the Quilt, interesting how being PC changes names, we don't do charity quilts anymore either, we do Quilts for Others!!