Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Waiting My Turn.

                      First some flowers to brighten a dull day.
 I just picked these late Graham Thomas rose blooms for the kitchen bench. Everything in the garden has had a drink from the rain ( about 40 mls plus in the last few days (and nights )
 There seems to be a big cross over of seasons as it is Autumn by the calendar and leaves all on the ground particularly under the flowering cherries. In the garden below them are Jonquils and Paper whites flowering. ( the 1st of Spring Bulbs )

 Anyway they are both welcome spots of colour and great perfume when inside the house.

Second is my experience yesterday as I waited my turn first at the Doctors then at the AA.
 In less than 2 weeks I will be 75 so therefore have to renew my Driver's Licence.. I made a Drs.. appointment by phone on Monday. and get one the next day .No my previous doctor no longer works there ( that has happened so often. ) (I last was at the Drs in February 2018. - that's part of the problem - I'm not sick )  But you may see Dr. J.  - OK. 
 I arrive about 10 minutes early. R drops me off and goes to do some other errands.
 I dutifully read all the covid Notices at the door.then enter to be told to not approach the counter but call out my name, sanitise my hands and put on a provided mask. All of which I do and stand near the door where wait. An old man pushes past me and goes to the counter where they get shouted at to move back and stay in line. Unbelievably this happens twice more. None did as they were asked and all pushed  in ahead of me in quite close proximity. I elect to wait out the door on chairs provided - . it is quite chilly.  I get beckoned in by the reception lady....... she doesn't recognise she has already asked me all the questions SO Again I tell her my name and which Dr I think I am seeing. Oh you could sit over there now she says as the waiting area is empty. After 25 minutes waiting in total the said Dr calls me in. He is young and pleasant. We talk about how his small under 5's coped during lock down while he takes my blood pressure ( which is good ). then he listens with his stethoscope through my clothing and says, sounds good to me. He takes my pulse. 
 He asks me if I am happy to be driving still. I reply yes but hate the does he. Then we have to do the eye sight chart.. I have to say well either I read it with my glasses off  ( and fail ) or I take my mask off cause my glasses are all fogged up. He laughs ( cause he's not wearing one. )  I pass the eye chart and the peripheral vision test and he says I could get a truck driver's licence with that result haha. 
I am sorry there is an additional charge at the moment. I say that's okay but am astounded when I get back to reception to be charge NZ $77.50
R is back and waiting . We go home for lunch.
 Feeling that I would like to get this all sorted I go to town to the AA. I wait in a queue on the pavement standing on the marks provided for acceptable social distancing. A very "with it" young lady gets my details and mobile # at the door...then 2 minutes later texts me to tell me I am in the queue. ( she had all the skills the Medical centre  receptionist lacked ) Slowly, ever so slowly we move to the next mark on the floor. 5 ladies are working behind the counter. WE can hear all the conversations. My legs are getting tired from standing still so I do some on the spot exercises. I chat to those around me. We all look at the display stands we are weaving our way around. It is quite social but so, so slow.
 My turn takes less than five minutes - photo an all . I had all the forms filled in correctly and 45 minutes  from the start I have a temporary licence till my new one arrives in the post That was only NZ$18..

 I now realise going to the supermarket was a breeze. Some businesses are taking almost no precautions; others' systems are a night mare. And they are ALL different.
 Anyway that little exercise to be a current Licence holder took up a large chunk of yesterday.


Janice said...

It is rather interesting to see how different businesses are approaching things. I went to lunch with some work colleagues today. We precooked a table for 5, as you are only allowed 10 in a restaurant or cafe. When we got there, there was no sanitiser and already mor3 than 10 in the restaurant. We asked to sit outside, as the day was nice, and before long there were more than 10 outside as well. I know they will be allowed to have up to 50 next week, with suitable distancing, but I was rather disappointed. Other places are being wonderful. I love your little jonquils. Ours will be out shortly too.

Pip said...

Gorgeous roses, I haven't seen any jonquils out yet maybe next month. Some businesses have been quite innovative in their approach, I guess they will be the ones that come out of this quite well. I really dislike when I've made an appointment, and I arrive on time (or before time) that I then have to wait 20, 30, 45 minutes after the appointed time. One would think that they need to keep the appointments running on time so stop too many people being in the reception area. I've decided that I won't patronise businesses that don't take the appropriate precautions.

kiwikid said...

Your roses are beautiful, our jonquils are flowering too. Poor plants are very confused. Your waiting experiences were very different, but thank goodness you have your license. I am still not venturing out very much, our supermarket was full of people last time I went and not a lot of social,distancing was happening, at least they have hand sanitiser at the door, not everyone was using it through. Difficult times.

Raewyn said...

Gosh what a's interesting isn't it how some the different businesses are treating the current rules/guidelines. Glad you got there in the end. Yes, we have a few spring bulbs flowering as well - I've decided I should be calling them autumn bulbs as they seem to do this often! (I have an idea to go into town one morning and actually wander the shops which I rarely do, to see how all the businesses are faring and buy the odd book or coffee to support them - however I am wondering if it will be more stressful than I would like!)

loulee said...

I know what you mean. Some places make things so easy, others make it a chore. Some places and people seem un concerned others are trying to do things properly.
So glad we are here in NZ and those who have become complacent are not endangering others.
Your roses look lovely.
My freesias have popped up and are already quite tall. No flowers yet.