Thursday, May 14, 2020

Day 50 ( 14th May 2020 )

 My hand holding up one of the Christmas cactus ( not in NZ its a Zygo Cactus ) flowers.

Day 50  but  the first day at Level 2 in NZ. ( less restrictions )  A week since I posted anything.
 Some progress has been made however ...small steps. Yesterday I went and shopped by myself at my usual  NW. I hadn't forgotten how to drive or how to ended up being rather a big order but at least it was all stuff I needed.and the right amounts. I even got a carry bag of hi grade flour so I can keep making bread.. The sparsest area in the  shop was the Magazine section where we no longer have the NZ Listener or North and South mag  or NZ W Weekly etc etc. We previously got  the Listener on Subscription so I must watch they don't continue to charge for it. No refunds on copies we didn't get.
( all were being published by an overseas company so they don't give a .......    I do hope some of the writers decide to start a new in depth enquiring publication.)( they must all be out of jobs? )
 The Spider lily is all out now.

This planter is looking quite well. It has very little soil in it.

Just to take a photo of my progress I laid the 9 patch blocks out. The ones at the bottom are sewn together the ones at the top not yet.
I moved them to show how wide and long I think it needs to be
 ( 4 by 5 )
 I have enough of the coloured middle blocks ( pink, blue,orange etc) but need to go to my stash and find some more light greens. The tags just say top left block one etc.
 This may not be their final place.
 It doesn't matter a lot as this is stage one. In stage 2 each 9 patch gets horizontally and vertically  cut through the middle and this creates some much smaller pieces . It ends with a totally  different appearance.  I can then decide on one of about 6 different layouts.


kiwikid said...

Your Zygo cactus and Spider Lily are beautiful. Your blocks are coming along well. I likem the disappearing nine patch pattern. I hope all goes ok with the restrictions easing. Good to hear you can get the supplies you need at the supermarket.

loulee said...

Your cactus is looking good. I have a tiny cutting given to me by a friend, it has two small buds. Mum used to have huge Christmas and Easter cacti, they always put on such a lovely display.
Your green quilt top is coming along nicely.
Aside from work, I didn't venture out yet, I'm in no hurry and Tony is happy to continue to get the groceries.

Janice said...

I'm just catching up on blog reading. You have done so well to share so many flowers from your garden. I'm a bit like you, in that I haven't driven the car for ages. Mick has been dropping me off at work, so he can have the smaller car if needed, rather than his big ute. It's good to see that you have been doing some stitching and that you can continue to have fun making bread.

POKERAMPM88 said...
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Mary said...

Your lovely plants are certainly eye catching - you have a green thumb!
Your venture into the world of shopping is interesting - we've been able to grocery shop but haven't been much further yet. I need my hairstylist more than food at this point - getting the grey roots erased and a good trim is becoming more important than all that fattening baking I've being doing!

Stay well -

Pauline said...

I'm always in awe of quilt makers. The amount of patience needed is beyond my grasp. But I can imagine the satisfaction with the completed project. Life getting back to something close to normal is mostly good, I think.

Pam said...

I love a disappearing 9 patch. So magical! As for your orange flowers of a few posts ago... hmm! It's so interesting to see flowers at a different time of year. It's hard to imagine that you're in autumn.