Thursday, May 07, 2020

Day 43.( Thursday 7th May 2020 )

This afternoon I got the chance to go on a different walk. One I used to do in years gone by but not since we moved here. (I got dropped off and collected later. ) Its a lot more overgrown than it used to be ) 
It is through native bush beside shallow wetland ponds with a lot of weed.

 Near the far end it pops out behinds some lifestyle properties.This one busy felling trees and cutting firewood.

 Then you come to this point where you can turn to the left and return on the  other side of the ponds ( to the car park ) or if you go right the path continues out to another road.

At the end there is a sign and I turn left onto the road.

On this road are a few steep hills to climb and I pass orchards , flower growers with covered protection ( mostly hydrangeas - usually for export )  and horse paddocks.
 ( gosh those 2 horses have been eating a lot and ....... a lot !)
 At the top of the hill  I turn left onto a more main road and almost reach the end of it when R drives up and collects me. I think I walked for 45 minutes mostly in the sun,


Peter parker said...
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kiwikid said...

That sounds like a wonderful walk, nice to go somewhere different.

Pauline said...

It's always good to find somewhere alternative to take a walk, isn't it? And your walk looked to be very pleasant.