Friday, February 09, 2007

Peacock Feathers.

Yes I have collected the feathers the peacock is dropping. ( About 50 ) The other things he is dropping are not so pretty!!! You know what.....lots and lots of smelly meringues.
Aren't the colours just the best.
We have no idea where he came from but he can fly ( even without tail feathers ) so he may have got blown off course. We think he comes up to the deck by the ranch slider doors to look at his reflection in the glass ( vanity )..... or he may think it is another peacock. We think he is lonely. But as his feathers have moulted and he is no longer honking out loudly he as probably missed mating for this sad. We hope he flies off again to where there are some other of his kind. ( free to a good home but you have to come and get him! )


Unknown said...

I'll volunteer for that (but I might take a rain cheque on actually taking the bird with me)

Nature is wonderful - no human would think of putting together all those various colours and making them work - well not unless they were a quilter :o)

Shelina said...

Those are beautiful feathers. And so interesting for the peacock to stay for a visit at your place.

meggie said...

I do love those feathers. Also feel sorry for the lonely Peacock. But having lived with a neighbour's 'planting' duck, I know the mess they can cause. And they didnt eat roses!
Thanks for posting the pictures of the feathers- just what I need for my fantasy birds I am trying to make!

ForestJane said...

So, if you have to shoot him for gobbling up your tomatoes, are peacocks edible?

The feathers are really lovely though. :)

molly said...

Just as truth is sometimes stranger than fiction,certainly nature can be more beautiful than anything we invent. So sad for him to have none of his own kind around to snuggle up to of a cold evening. But, it's not cold there, is it? Maybe just in his little birdy heart.

Suzi-k said...

these are great, i have always had a thing about irriescent blues and greens, that's why opals are my favourite stones!