Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Visit From a Perth Quilter.

For the last several years I have belonged to an online P & Q Group ( Picking Up Threads ) of mainly Australian ladies. One of them Thelma from Perth came to stay for 2 nights. We had only met on line before that. She was born in Ohura NZ but has lived in Oz for 16 years. She wished to relive a childhood memory of eating Fish and Chips on the beach at Mt. Maunganui, which was harder to accomplish than expected; but we eventually got some for dinner on Monday evening, after we walked around the Mt. (DH came too and was thrilled cause I won't normally buy them for us.)

We spent all day Tuesday, visiting the local P & Q fabric stores. We started up at Katipatch at Katikati, then into Tauranga to my favourite Barnhouse Quilts and Embroidery, then after some lunch Tauranga Sewing Centre. Thelma found things at each shop and accrued quite a collection of NZ FQs and magazines. I got a few too. I didn't really need anything but never browse that long and thoroughly without buying something. I can always use more fabric. ( none of these store have good websites so I won't provide links ) I hope she enjoyed her 2 nights stay. Unfortunately she hates avocados and didn't like kiwifruit juice! Here are some photos of her in my favourite quilt shop and us both in my garden and on the beach. She is the shorter, younger one.


kirsten said...

That looks like great fun, Ali! Thanks for the nice comment (and sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you). Yes, Val is an absolute darling. It was great to be able to spend some time with her. Maybe next time I'll meet you?

Tracey Petersen said...

Ali, I will visit you one day and eat nothing but avocado and drink nothing but kiwifruit juice! Glad you enjoyed your visit.

meggie said...

Oh how homesick the pics made me! Fish & chips on the beach at the Mount! Bliss, when we were kids.
My cousing goes to those quilt shops, so they sounded familiar!
Avocadoes are $2.50 each, in our shops just now!

meggie said... Cousin, I meant!

Unknown said...

What a lovely opportunity to meet a like minded person - I've often thought how nice that would be but felt a little nervous just in case you didn't hit it off - but of course that would never happen, quilters are such nice people - as for telling the difference, the only one I can see is she is shorter than you :o)