Monday, December 06, 2010

Busy Monday.

Finally the hydralada came today and picked our small crop of avocados.The quality was good and the size of some like the one in my gloved hand, large. Avocados can be very biennial in their cropping and this was a down year after their record crop last time.
 It is 8.45 pm and just dark here. The bee truck has come to take all the bees in their hives home.Their job for us is completed, in both the kiwifruit and avocados.( They are transported at night so they will hopefully all be home inside their hives.) Thank you bees!
The Kalmia was looking at it's best today. (kalmia latifolia Ostbo Red ) I love the buds especially they look like icing decorations from a forcer.

Earlier this evening the sky was had many strange long cloud formatioms.

They gradually turned apricot and then just on dark, bright pink. It was quite an unusual spectacle.
It's been another very warm day, quite windy too at times and things are getting dry which means more time spent watering plants.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Yummy avo's you got there. we are paying rediculous prices for very small ones down here - oh how I miss the Bay for all the fruit and veg we used to get, sob.

Meggie said...

Love those cloud shots Ali. The top one looks like a dove to me.
I had intended taking some this evening, but time sped away. Oven cleaning... what a deadly chore!