Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Grew Some of our Dinner.

We had the lovely quiet restful day we wanted yesterday.( Eating, drinking ,walking, reading, talking, playing ) Before we were able to have our dinner we harvested these parts of it from out garden.
Not a big picking but enough for us. Then we dug the first plant on the row of potatoes.
Which looked better in the pot.

I then picked a bowl of strawberries and threw as many away with rots after all that recent rain.

Last weekend we were given some lovely Rangitikei lamb so we had that roasted, added some pumpkin, carrots, kumara, and parsnip and some green beans and  had a delicious Christmas dinner.
Yesterday morning we did some slightly more unusual tasks. We needed to go and pick some more avocados so they will ripen for New year, so we were over in the avo blocks on the tractor and I collected all these flowers growing in the mulch under and around the avocado trees( my garden weedings mainly) .All these  flowering happily  in the wild after all the rain.

I took them home and added them to my vase of red calla lillies on the sideboard.
While we were over there we also dug up this lovely Hosta which must have been cut in half with my spade and got thrown out with the weeds.  It has now come back to a new position in the garden it is such a pretty one.

 We had a lovely phone call from the "SNOWY " UK last evening. and J emailed photos of the white Christmas they are having. Keep warm you Chilly Northern folk.
Tomorrow I will show you some lovely gifts I recieved.
 I just saw the first Dragonfly of the Summer (out the window ) in the herb garden.  I do love having them around.( perhaps my favourite insect, followed closely by bees and butterflies and ladybirds )
There appears to be just one large baby blackbird hatched in the nest in the grape vine.


The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Sounds a nice Christmas day -
We didn't plant potatoes this year (due to room)missed having new spuds - your peas & spuds look yum - nothing nicer than fresh from garden

Meggie said...

When I saw the peas I felt pangs for home, along with the sight of true 'New potatoes'. Unless one grows them here, we never see them!