Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finished & Dispatched.

Yesterday I managed to get the binding sewn down on the Healing Hearts quilt, find a small carton for it and send it off to Shirley in Rangiora. I went to the couriers first thinking that would be the quickest way to the South Island.They  said, "that would be $29."  My mouth must have dropped open ...they said, " we fly everything down . Is it urgent?" " Not that urgent, " I replied."Try next door at Poste Haste they are a bit slower and charge less." They certainly did - $8.50 and it will arrive tomorrow afternoon.( Thursday )  Phew....(I nearly wasn't going to send it.) That actually made it far cheaper then sending it by  regular NZ Post. Good information to store away for another time. I hope N, and A  and M like how I used their heart blocks. ( I don't actually like calico in quilts )( Yeah, I know it's cheaper than other nice cotton fabric .)
I hope it gives someone down there who has suffered loss recently some comfort.
     Yesterday I also managed to break the arm off my glasses, so had to take those in for repair and they won't be back for several I am wearing my previous pair. I still got 3 hours work on the Kiwifruit vines done but at 6 pm it started spitting. Since then we have had 4.5 mm of drizzle over night , so everything outside is too wet to work with this morning. No problem as there is lots else to do at this time of the year. C cards all finished last night and sent, but nuts to shell and baking to do. My sister and her partner are coming up this weekend, so some spare room cleaning too. Yes, there is always cleaning to do. My copy of the NZ Quilter arrived yesterday so there is temptation at hand also.


Joyce said...

Very nice quilt. Somebody is going to love it.

Jennifer said...

Lovely quilt....we are sad the need is there, but glad to be able to help. It's certainly getting busy now! Hopefully my NZ Quilter won;t be too long now that you have yours.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the heart quilt!! Love hearts anyways..but you did an excellent job on this one!

Anonymous said...

Love the top and bottom border ~ nice touch ~ Well done the whole quilt is beautiful.
Have a great Christmas!

Birdydownunder said...

I have to agree with all your comments on this and previous posts. Rain 68mm overnight think I might have to rescue the goldfish.
Seasons Greetings to you and R. and Happy Anniversary for Thursday