Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quilts and Veges.

During any spare moments I can find I have taken the 16 blocks that ladies handed into me last Friday ( to send to Shirley in Rangiora, ) and put them together with bright blue and gold sashing. It was a bit small and square so I have added some panels top and bottom. I am in the process of quilting it and will add a border in the same blue fabric. Then it can be on it's way South.
   Down in my extra patch of garden I was able to pick a small meal of broccoli from side shoots which have grown after the main head was picked a couple of weeks ago. The plants are really healthy still and going to have more. ( I like that )
 While there I saw that the beans I planted on Saturday are just up. Something had pulled 2 out -  grrrr.

I love being able to eat our own produce. In the last 2 days I have picked a big bunch of rhubarb, another bowl of huge strawberries some lettuce, the broccoli , silverbeet and some radishes. We have had some drizzle and looks like more rain coming. That will wash in the avocado fertilizer. The young kiwfruit is this size already.

 Such a busy time of year!

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Culecta said...

Love your blog and the photos are superb, well done. My aim next year now that I have nearly finished building my new house is to establish a really large food production garden and learn to quilt.