Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear Diary.....

Do You keep a diary?  A book like this or an on line diary or a phone one? I find it essential.  Last year I left purchasing a new diary till too late and stuggled all year with a hard covered ring bound one that annoyed me. It wouldn't open easily and lie flat so for this year I got one early that is distinctive but also asthetically pleasing to use. It is soft with a wipeable distinctively patterned plastic cover . ( it has lots of blank pages at the back as well as the usual things one expects in a diary ) Being a ring binder pages can be removed too.
      I don't write" Dear Diary, " type entries, mine is a working document. It is a reminder for important dates, meetings; events and lists. ( yes, I do keep some other similar ones on the computer ) but this is much more portable, almost always with me if I am not at home.(like a bag and keys and money etc )   Unusually, I have written quite a bit in it already as I am planning for things happening later in the year. In 2011 we are going on our big holiday. Quite a commom happening for some people but not us. We have never been to UK ( or Ireland or France or Singapore ) before, but in 20011 we are have been paid for! So every time something springs to mind that I might wish to have information on while away I am adding it to this "must not be mis placed book." It's still 6 months till I need it all but I know how quickly time can fly by so, I'm not leaving anything to chance.
 I love and use lists . I enjoy keeping records. I love doing research, so this fits right in with my habits. I do NOT make New Year Resolutions.  R keeps a diary for orchard purposes and he keeps weather / rainfall records too. We have to keep some orchard records that are auditable .
* I suppose writing a blog like this is also a diary of sorts, with photos , and some but not all events and thoughts being recorded. Just one of the places I keep records of my quilting and handcraft projects.
        It is supposed to be raining but isn't so I have been watering newly planted things ( no surer way to make it rain ).
We have some lovely calendars to put up for 2011, with fabulous photos, maybe more on that for another post.

                                May I wish You all a Happy, successful 2011!


Jennifer said...

Love the cupcake diary! Wow, a trip overseas....something to really look forward to!

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

oooh how exciting a trip.
A friend is in Ireland at the moment & she is sharing places she is visiting.

Maybe there are some place you both may like to visit to pop in your diary.

Love Leanne

Shirley Goodwin said...

Happy New Year, Ali! I also have bought a book for 2011, which is labelled "Cunning Plans" - who could resist that? It's got a soft leather-like cover but unfortunately doesnn't lie flat so I may have to beat it into submission. It's more of a journal than a diary. I kept a journal every day on my trip overseas - hope your forthcoming trip is wonderful.

Shasta Matova said...

That is a lovely diary, and especially if you are going on a trip, you want to record your fun for remembrance sake. Since I'm not going anywhere, my blog is my diary, and my computer calendar keeps me organized (with a regular one on the wall for big things).

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Have a wonderful year - your trip sounds very exciting!! Enjoy the planning stage - your cupcake diary is very sweet.

Meggie said...

Something special to look forward to is wonderful.
A diary is going to be essential for me this year, as I struggled with all the appointment dates last year. A phone appointment, hasitly scribbled on a scrap of paper often gets lost!

Meggie said...

I forgot to say Happy New Year!

StevenHWicker said...

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