Wednesday, January 26, 2011

By the Wayside.

The sun is back today. The truck had an early appointment at the garage. The Husband had an early appointment at the Drs, so I am the taxi driver between those 2 places. That's fine I will walk a circuit I do from time to time, while I wait. It takes me down some newly built up residental streets, across a swamp and back along different streets. I pass my favourite Pukeko sign, but see mainly Paradise Ducks.
 Several dog owners are also enjoying an early morning exercise with their little 4 legged friends, whose noses are  to the ground enjoying the freshly washed wayside.
 When I get back at 9.30 it is already too hot for such activities.
Last Sunday we ventured out across the Kaimai Ranges to Hamilton despite the foul weather. Never in 34 years of using the road over the Kaimais have I seen flooding across the road. Visibility was down to less then 20 metres, which is more normal as the ranges often have their heads in the clouds. It was like that there and back.The Wairoa River was at an all time high as the Ruahihi Dam  at McLaren's Falls had to let water go up stream. Many of the river flats were flooded. ( It is all gone again now )
 It was a murky day for taking photos but we pulled up beside this fence as I had been meaning to take this photo for ages. The children at Te Poi School all have their self portraits hanging on the fence. I love seeing this.


Picking our own vegetables is a daily task now but they taste so fresh and crisp. Unfortunately there are 8 more lettuces all at their peak...salads , salads, salads!
 The last few peas, loads of beans and lots of tomatoes. The capsciums had to come off green as the plants are carrying so many smaller ones that need to size up. The courgettes didn't get in the photo. Passionvine hoppers are all over everything unfortunately. I am killing them when I can.
 Back to work now.
Happy Australia Day to my friends across the ditch!


Tracey Petersen said...

OH! Could you pop a lettuce in a post pack and send it over to me? They are very difficult to find in the shops right since the flooding happened. Those in our garden didn't fare well from all of the heavy rain either.

Bubble said...

Its lovely to see your sunshine Ali its so damp and yuk here at the moment. Hugs xxxxxx

Meggie said...

Wish I was handy! Lettuces are like green gold over here!
I loved seeing that school, what a lovely idea.