Sunday, January 09, 2011

Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

Something Blue was not a garter or an hankerchief but the bride's shoes....mostly hidden; but revealed here for the camera.( fabulous shoes! )
                                                  I love covered buttons.

Now not many weddings have the rings flown in by model aeroplane by the 11 year old nephew (on the right.) Oh, well done!
                                                               The year of the rabbit.
After dark the lighting was lovely all around the gardens as well as inside.

Flowers  today were lovely. I am so glad to say the NZ weather excelled itself. There was a shower of rain at about 10.30 last night but by then it didn't matter . Today was fabulous too for the aftermatch function. This weekend was every bit as magical as I imagined it would be.
Sal would you get my email address off my profile and send me yours so I can email you some photos, of the wonderful weekend. Eventually you will get to see lots as everyone had cameras, as well as the official photographer..


Bubble said...

Please could you email photos to
i'm desperate to see them xxxxxxxxx

Leanne said...

LOVE the shoes!

Unknown said...

Just love the idea of the blue shoes - inspired. Glad the weather was kind to you, looks like it was a wonderful 'do'

Helen said...

Hi Ali

Love the model aeroplane bringing the rings. Way cool!

KimT said...

I love the blue shoes! when I got married, my something blue was my toes: I had them polished with a pretty blue polish.

Ali Honey said...

Sally all the emails and photos came back. Is that email typed correctly?

notHamilton said...

Glad you enjoyed the weekend Ali. It was lovely to have family like you there.