Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 Starting Out Hot.

I have had both days over the weekend away from kiwifruit vines. We have both spent time in the garden. ( it needed it ) During the middle of the day it is too hot so yesterday I put 2 borders on this quilt. A narrow black then a 2.5" coloured one.

 It is a rainbow effect with the colour merging into the next colour as it progesses around the edge. I am very pleased with how that looks. Just a wider black border to add now.

Roger worked in this part of the vege garden; looks so much better now. There are Agria potatoes on the right, then capsicums.The last of the peas at the front with beans behind them not yet up, then courgettes at 2 stages with young onions behind all thinned. Corn behind them then tomatoes with some silverbeet in the front left. ( peas did not do well this Summer )
 ( the agria spuds have white flowers; the Heather ones down the paddock have purple flowers. I didn't know potato flowers shut up at night and opened again each day. )
My strawberries are doing SO well. I picked lots . Some were rotten from all that rain but there were plenty of good ones too. Do they look more in a bowl or lined up for inspection in rows?

 Back to the kiwifruit this afternoon, at least it's in the shade.
 Thanks for your comments and info about diaries. Some good ideas there.


Tracey Petersen said...

Those strawberries are magnificent!

KimT said...

mmmmmmm, the berries look tasty!

Meggie said...

Wonderful strawberrieds. Your veg garden is the envy of me!

carole brungar said...

Your garden's looking great, isn't it so nice to eat your own produce! x