Monday, January 31, 2011

Making a Quilt From Canteen Bandannas..

Thank you all for your comments. The weather here today is cooler and the creeks are still running high but otherwise everything is normal. Growth from all that extra rain is and will be, hard to keep up with...especially the weeds! I spent all afternoon yesterday weeding! Blah...lots more to do.
On Friday at our P and Q picnic ( which I didn't even get around to blogging about - nice catch up, but a small turn out, at the usual venue, which got chased off by weather just after lunch - again ) M came along with all the Canteen bandannas that have been donated so far. Back in November last year I blogged about this project which our group is taking on this year.
 I selected bandannas in black, white and blue. There were 4 blue, 3 black, 2 different white and one grey and black and white. Yesterday morning after looking at them all spread out on the floor for some time I decided how I could use them.
They were not all the same size or condition but I found I could after a good deal of squaring up cut 4 blocks  9.5 inches squares from each bandanna.These look good together but lack something - a splash of different colour. So I am adding some dark green and bright yellow squares. I aim to make  disappearing 9 patch blocks with the bright green and yellow as the centre patch ( which will then get cut up tiny at the next stage. )  I have these all ready to sew when I get the chance. They are not very thick or strong so will need  careful handling.
One or two members who already had the bandannas have made lovely little knee rug size quilts already. I think 4 might be finished. We are then donating them back to Canteen for young cancer patients.
My Dictionary tells me: bandanna or bandana : a large silk or cotton handkerchief or neckchief. ( from Hindi bandhnu - tie dyeing. )

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Meggie said...

I have often wondered where the word bandanna came from- too lazy or forgetful to look it up in the dictionary! They do tend to be rather flimsy cotton, so good luck with it all.