Monday, January 17, 2011

Helpful Orbweb.

This helpful orbweb spider has made a lovely web just outside the back door. It hangs from the spouting right down to a Jade plant in a pot below. It is catching and eating passionvine hoppers ( amongst other insects ), so it can stay as a new worker around here. Thanks spider, we will try and not break your web by walking too close.
This nasturtium is the first flower out from the Wedding seeds ( all the guests were given )I planted in late October after my Niece's wedding.It is almost red, rather than orange. I might include some in a salad. I hope the other plants from the mix flower too as where i have them is a bit shadey.
Leanne you would appreciate this. Almost every part we grew ourselves.
J and V we are practising vegetarian meals. R made his Autumn Tart which he has added to so it has a really thick filling of tomatoes and onion. He has put some chopped bacon and feta on top ( the bacon could be left off ) It is really yummy and should have a generous filling we both think. We can't say we grew the pastry or the bacon and feta but everything else on the plate we grew. I love that! ( also had strawberries from my patch set in red jelly for dessert )

Here is the mystery photo in total. As it is very warm here R's brew frothed up and out the overflow. This is a beer brew . Yeast works really well with the warm temperature - good for bread making too.
 So the answer was yeasty froth!


Bubble said...

Hi Ali what a gorgeous web and i love the red flower an amazing shade of red. My email is:
i still haven't seen any pics yet boo boo :( love to all <3

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Ahh didn't pick it was froth. Does he make it from hops or as a kit?

Ahh so awesome making ameal from the garden - as you know my best days - it just tastes soo much yummier!