Monday, November 08, 2010

2010 Calico Christmas - part 2

Rosemary Rush's, "Retro Raszamtazz," created a lot of interest. The white clove lady was lifting it so we could view the stitching on the back. Wow!
                                                                A close up.

If you like blue and white china you would have liked this, wall hanging by Marie Harrison.
 Also in blue with fabulous fabrics this double wedding ring quilt.
Loved the quilting on it too.

 Deb of Deds doodoolings is alos blogging about Calico Christmas.


Jennifer said...

Thank you for the pics - lovely!

Deb said...

Oh that first quilt was incredible wasn't it. I saw that one at the Craft Fair exhibition in Hamilton. Spent ages admiring it as I couldn't believe the back of it either!!

Wasn't the double wedding ring quilt lovely.

I don't even remember seeing the other one!

Digitalgran said...

Thanks for sharing all these lovely quilts. I love them all, but the first is really incredible.