Friday, November 05, 2010

Much Needed Rain.

It rained lightly in the night then again this morning and then a heavy shower at lunchtime.I can almost hear all the plants, vines and trees sucking it up. It is giving me a breather, also much needed. Things are growing well and I had been hosing and can watering so don't need to today, or tomorrow.
 I am already stealing leaves off my salad greens and using the first radishes.

It won't be long till I get a few ripe strawberries too.

This morning I met my friend D and we did the shopping for our bus trip tomorrow. We ( 41 P & Q ladies ) are going to Auckland to Calico Christmas.( Auckland area's quilt show - biggest in NZ ) On the way up after an early start we usually stop at Ngatea for coffee and a comfort stop. On the way back we have snack plates and drinks. After we did the shopping we came back here and made up plates with cheese; crackers; grapes; dried apricots and a sweetie and serviettes. As I am "Mother," I have to stagger to the bus stop with 2 chilly bins and a cooler bag and the lucky seat prizes. On the way home we usually have Show and Tell of the goodies that the ladies have purchased. It is always a fun day out with so much to see and do. Eye candy with so many wonderful quilts on display and plenty of shopping for those needing new ideas ; or books or fabric. So the next time I post there will be quilt photos.


Deb said...

We are just leaving now. I can't wait. I wish I had lots of fellow quilters to share my day with, but I am leaving hubby to peruse Albany Mall and he will have to be my ear on the way home lol.

See you tomorrow maybe.

Jennifer said...

Have a good time on your quilty bus trip - wish I could come too!

Joyce said...

Is there anything more fun than a trip to a quilt show with friends? I don't think so...

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Sounds like a fun day out on the quilt bus - looking forward to your photos.

Cold wet, windy weather has hit here this morning. Good for the garden & greatful Brent staked the new trees. - The ground sure needed it.

Have a fun day today!

Love Leanne

Bubble said...

I want to come, that sounds fun xxxxxx