Sunday, November 07, 2010

2010 Calico Christmas.

As always we had a wonderful, happy, long day (a big day out ) on our bus trip up to North Shore in Auckland to Calico Christmas. ( Auckland Patchwork & Quilters Guild Inc., Annual Exhibition; this year with a "Retro," theme as it is their 25th Anniversary. ) I bought one of their calendars - the  48 small quilts used in the calendar were all on display.
 Each page of the calendar has 1 large and 3 small photos.

These are the 12 large photos.

I liked "My favourite Star," by Sandy Bedggood.

Here is "Somewhere," by Ruby Van Oeveren and "Dreamcatcher," by Trish Everard.
As always I took loads of photos. (using both my cameras. I wanted to do a quality comparison and get better at using my new camera ) So I won't be showing you them all. Some are shots of just a part of a quilt with an idea I want to remember.
This next quilt " Journey South, " by Alison Lawerence,  really impressed me.

The inspiration came from the cover of a 1927 American magazine. What an angle to take a landscape photo from. ( underneath! ) ( click to enlarge )
More quilts in the next few posts.


carole brungar said...

Great you had a good trip. Have just been catching up with your blog, don't seem to have time these days, and when I do, I sit and yawn non stop! lol oh dear!
I loved your red shoes, very pretty!

Deb said...

Weren't there some stunning quilts. I did all the main hall, the shops and then discovered I had missed all the retro ones!! My feet ached at the end of the day. I spent far too much, and, like you, took a zillion photos. The camera really doesn't do the quilts justice though.

Tracey Petersen said...

Wow! That truck quilt is amazing.

molly said...

They're all beautiful; must be a really nice calendar! My favourite shots though are the close ups of the truck quilt!