Monday, November 29, 2010

Kiwifruit Progress.

It was drizzly all morning but is now just overcast. I went to see if the bees were working in the wet and some were. Since the hives came into the orchard we have had a week of perfect weather. ( notice how the bees fly straight at the hive - they often bump land )

This is the stage some of the new fruit set have reached. Note some are still buds and flowers yet to open.
 Being wet it is a perfect day to spread liquid fish fertilizer under the Kiwifruit vines and that is happening right now.
 I began by condition checking the last of the stored Kiwifruit I had kept. I threw a lot away as it is going rotten rapidly now. ( after 7 months just sitting in containers in the outside shower - for want of somewhere better to keep them ) I then made some kiwifruit and ginger jam.

 Everything had raindrops on it today except this velvety Day Lily.( where most have rolled off ).
 Back to indoor house work and finishing my healing heart blocks.


Meggie said...

The day lilly is lovely. My garden lacks flowers, but we do have some lovely Gardenias, exposed to some sun, and much light, since my beloved Grevillea 'dropped dead' !

notHamilton said...

Kiwifruit jam - yum! The best jam for pikelets by far.