Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 Calico Christmas - part 4

There were 3 quilts in the show using this pattern. 2 were in shades of turquiose.This black and white and gold version called, "Memories of New York," by Josephine Newland was a little diffferent in that each central diamond had a pictorial fabric featuring landmark of New York.

Here is a close up of the quilting on Margaret Reid's "Giant Dahlia."

Carol Mahoney's "Dotty Circles," had many variations of circles within circles.

It was more the colours in the upper photo.

 These next 2 are for those who like something quite modern.

I really liked Justine Jones's take on a bento box block, especially as I am making a quilt using my take on the same block. The sloping edges really jazz it up.

This wall hanging, "Reflection," by Shirley Sparks, had woven fabric and was a beautiful blue, with a lovely message.

I think I may leave my picks from Calico Christmas at that as there are other sites with photos.
Meanwhile back on the orchard it has been very, very busy. The kiwifruit are getting their pre-blossom spray on right now as any bees around should be home in bed. We have just been to a grower meeting,( and BBQ Dinner - it was yummy ) which was extra long as there was an extra segment to cover a topic new to us in NZ. There is a current scare going on with kiwifruit orchards having found PSA.( more on that in the days to come. )
This morning we had our NZ Gap audit to be allowed to export avocados this season. ( in about 2 weeks time) We passed. This is the first year we have had to do this for avocados. ( more paperwork and regulations! ) Never a dull moment around here - I quite like dull sometimes.


Deb said...

Oh I never saw Reflection. Wow!!! I loved Justine's quilt and it was lovely to meet her and her daughter and talk with them more about the making of it.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for more photos, it must have been a great exhibition!

Leanne said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt photos, feels like I got to go.

I wondered if you were on TV last night at a growers meeting, been wondering if you guys are ok with the PSA.

Love Leanne

Paula, the quilter said...

Was Justine's quilt 3D or an optical illusion? I can't tell from the photo. Love, love, love it.

Meggie said...

Give me dull over paperwork any day!
I was just reading about the disease scare in the NZ Herald.
Lovely pics of quilts Ali. I love seeing how creative some people can be.

Ali Honey said...

Paula I don't think Reflections had an optical illusion or 3D. It was slightly raised where the fabric was woven as there was more than one layer.