Wednesday, February 02, 2011

First 9 Patch.

I've only completed the first 9 patch so far but think it is going to be a good way to break up the colour of the bandannas. Whole they didn't look too good at all. I think this may make them look quite quilty, rather than just bandannas sewn together.
Here it is cut into 4.( so the bright yellow will just be a small square )

I see some of the rest of you got selected to appear on a list of 50 Best Quilting Blogs. I did too. I have written and thanked Cate but am not sure how the list will be used. Are you all okay with it?  Are you displaying the website on your Blogs?
( some new to me good blogs to check out on the list when I get time )

1 comment:

molly said...

Amazing what you can create by slicing up a simple nine patch! It looks like it will make an interesting quilt....
Congratulations on the selection of your blog!