Thursday, May 19, 2011

At Our Back Door.

This photo is for Molly and her family. At our back door I currently have flowering cerise / pink flowers. ( not really my favourite colour but okay in pot plants )
This is a zygocactus or Christmas cactus if you live in the Northern hemisphere; or schlumbergera. Mine is a quite nice almost salmon colour when in bud, which I prefer. It is a bright splash of colour at this time of the year. Molly had a raccoon eat hers up so I am sharing my flowers - she may not get any.
 Also performing well is a Cyclamen I got last year which is happily flowering in the same area.

 Yesterday we did lots of errands in the city in preparation for our trip in about one months time. Banks, pressure travel socks all that sort of stuff. This morning I spent time formating new cards for cameras. The above photos were to try it out - seems to work just fine.
I also picked up a Fly Buys reward as the points were going to expire soon. I got a new iron.  2 other blog friends have recently got the same iron and are pleased with theirs. It is a Tefal Aquaspeed 275. it has a palladium autoclean soleplate. I will let you know how it behaves when I have given it a serious trial .
It has been fine and Breezy ALL DAY today so kiwifruit will have been picked. I got lots of washing dry. This fine spell is to last 4 days.

* Leanne I doubt you will see our kiwifruit in the shops - actually NZ sees mainly rejects.
*  Molly I will try and put up the occassional post while away. It depends on time and other family member's computers.
* Zizophora - Hello.  Kiwifruit, especailly the green sort,  is extremely long lasting and makes it the most transportable fruit in the world ( almost.) It is shipped by sea - NOT BY AIR as falsely stated by UK and other countries SO DOES NOT have huge AIR Miles. Unfortunately once a wrong fact like that has been in the media it is very difficult to convince folk in other countries that the fact was Wrongly stated.


molly said...

Well, don't I feel special! Thanks for the cactus photo Ali! We actually did have beautiful blossoms on ours at Christmastime. So maybe it will recover from the raccoon's visit in time to bloom again next Christmas.....No sign of him since! Maybe he crawled off into the woods to die from terminal indigestion!

Zizophora said...

What an interesting point. Now that you mention it, several years ago an environmentally conscious friend gave me a hard time about eating kiwifruit (they are my favorite!). Of course I didn't give them up -- to each his own impact I say. I wonder if the myth gets perpetuated because shipping by air makes things sound fresher even when it makes no difference? In any case, a good fact to know!