Tuesday, May 03, 2011

This Project Finished.

Over the last 2 days we have had another 91 mls of rain so my time has been spent mainly inside. I completed this large cushion cover made from 1.5" scraps. All hand pieced and quilted, but the back and edging have been machine stitched for strength.( now I need to find myself a new hand stitching project.) I selected the colours to go on the now oldish blue leather couch. I had previously made this same pattern into a table runner but it has faded hideously over the years and now needs replacing. Someone commented that they couldn't believe I had only one UFO - this was it. I am a finisher. If I start a project I will  finish it , but just occasionally I have unpicked the odd thing if I really don't like it or think it is going to look okay. Some blocks I made for practise turned into hot pads/ table mats rather than a sampler quilt as originally intended, but they didn't get wasted. Fabric is too expensive to waste.
      I have also spent time shelling more walnuts in the shed in the company of 2 mice - R set traps and got one in less than an hour - I expect they are eating the little nut scraps out of my container. Bacon traps work well! I have also been cooking fruit and nut cookies, spicy apple loaf and leek and potato soup - one of my favourites.
On Sunday night my ( only ) Sister rang to tell me our cousin Rachel  had died aged 58. That was a big shock. On my Mum's side of the family ( she was the middle of 3 ) there were 6 girl cousins, no boys. I was the 3rd eldest. The cousin who died was the youngest of us all and an only child. Her Mum (my only still living Aunt ) was 88 on the 20th April this year and is getting quite frail physically but mentally very with it , so it is very sad for her.  The funeral is in Wellington on Thursday. That's 6 plus hours drive for us but I don't think we will be going . We may be picking our Kiwifruit. Our fruit has come ready very quickly and as the weather is very changable and mostly wet we don't want to miss our place in the queue to pick. Our dry matter results just in this morning show that we are well up there, so near the front of the queue. R is off with the truck this morning getting fine metal to build up parts of the loading area that the rain has washed away. The ground is very wet everywhere which will create problems and mess for tractors moving around.
              Although the sun is shining this morning there are big black ( forecast ) clouds looming. So as often getting the Kiwifruit picked is going to be a bit stressful.


Jennifer said...

That's a pretty cushion! Sad news about your cousin, sorry to hear it.

Ali Honey said...

Thanks Jennifer.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin - it's always a shock to have relatives die, especially when they are younger than you.

Meggie said...

I simply adore that lovely cushion!!
It seems that lately, I have heard of so many deaths, it makes me realise I am no longer 'young'. Good luck with your Kiwi picking and the weather.