Monday, November 21, 2011

Just a little Sewing Time.

It has been such a busy weekend I had little time to sew but by mid afternoon yesterday I was exhausted and had to give in and sit and sew for a while. Following some mind jogging by Digital Gran who made some felt lavender hearts, I set about making some little lavender bags from an old treasured throw over.
I think I have enough lavender to fill 6 small bags. They will be all different sizes as I had to use the still sounds parts of the fabric and try and incorporate part of the embroidery on each ( I didn't do the embroidery but  did not want to throw it away. ) Sewing that fine fabric was a nightmare, but it lets the perfume through so that is what I was aiming for.
An up date on my selvage blocks shows I have finished blue, green, black and purple blocks.

I am currently working on a fawn and brown block. I have taken to reading all the selvage messages carefully - there is quite a bit of humour to be found.
 Thank you Molly, Thimbleanna, Jennifer and Isabelle for your concern over our kiwifruit problem in NZ. On relooking in the daily newspaper on Friday evening I see the number of infected orchards is far larger than I said -  almost double!
 In the night our 21 beehives arrived.( they are transported at night to make sure the majority of the bees are inside the hive ( asleep? )  at the time it is moved. ) This morning is one of the windiest we have had so that makes their first day with us very difficult. It takes them far more energy to fly against the wind and they can be seen being buffeted about. It is sunny so lets hope the wind drops.
The very first green peas are ready - just enough to steal for on a salad or eat out of the pod where you stand. My beans are also nearly there but because Polly Peacock dug so many out there will not be enough for a feed. I have since purchased some wire netting cloches to protect my subsequent plantings. I found Miss Polly lurking at my little extra garden late last evening - my she can fly well when chased! Yesterday I also wheelbarrowed compost to my garden and added sheep pellets to give things a boost.
 Today keeping the washing on the line is a challenge. The row of socks is River
Dancing really fast. Every thing else is twisting madly..... good drying day, but tough on things.


molly said...

I like the mental picture of River Dancing socks! Your mention of home gtrown peas makes me remember how my mother would set me to shelling peas on the back step....I wonder if she ever noticed that she got a lot fewer peas from those pods than she should have??

Deb said...

Ali, what a fabulous idea using your throwover to make the bags from. I have them om my list to do at the moment also.

Jennifer said...

Such pretty lavender bags! I like how you are using your selvedges too.

Meggie said...

A free treat, when I was a child, was stealing the peas out of the garden