Monday, November 07, 2011

Part 2. Quilts at CC.

The Theme for calico Christmas was nautical. The entries in this section were displayed in the cafeteria area. These 2 I liked, especially Rosemary Rush's Knots, Nets and the Fish that get away.
These 2 were a bit different, as there were lots with underwater scenes of fish, shells, coral, seaweeds and sea creatures.

The maker of this small quilt had every reason to be very disappointed in the way her entry was hung! ( I think it was Jocelyn Atkinson ). I liked it anyway Jocelyn.

 On the 2nd floor was a display of the work of the late Barbara Bilyard.
 Many items were lent back for the display by family and those who own them. What amazing and fabulous work she did.

 Some were unfinished.

There were examples of how she worked. This showing her way of drawing her quilting pattern on tissue paper and sewing through the paper then tearing it away. I must try this method.
 Such a loss the the NZ quilting scene. I was given a DVD of one of her classes after I wrote in her obituary book. Unfortunately my computer will not have a bar of it the virus programme Norton threw it out , so I am unable to view it. I will give it to someone else in our club to see if they can view it.
 Luckily the CD of labels I bought works for me. I'll show that tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

More lovely quilts to see, thank you! I also use the method of drawing a quilting design on paper and sewing through it, then tearing it away - it means there are no lines left behind on the fabric.