Friday, November 04, 2011

Verdant View.

I had just finished making the bed when I looked out the bedroom window and realised just how green everything was looking.
 This is the view I can currently see from there.The Viburnum tree on the left was bare then covered in white flowers just a few weeks ago. The lawn is very green and now the big oak has young leaves  of that almost chartreuse colour . ( it has tasseled flowers that are yellowy bronze but the green is now more dominant ) Beyond that are the Kiwifruit vines in block 2b and they too are now green.
 Of course there are lots of colourful patches of  flowers in the garden but I think all that green is having an influence on me. I need to stand and stare at the very blue sky for a while to get some relief. I come in here to my blog and green all around it. I like green but it's not my favourite colour; just the colour of growth and new leaves and the bush. Am I Irish. No. ( that too was a very greeen lovely place. ) NZ is very green! That photo above is looking due North and the morning light from the East shines through all the leaves lighting them up, so it is less bright later in the day.
Probably that is why I like to grow bright flowers. This is just outside the office window and the rain we have been having every night ( and some days ) lately has made all the alstromeria and the kangaroo paw flower well.( I always mistakenly thought the kangaroo paw would like it dry because of it's Australian source - but not so. )

 2 things I am excited about. Growing so much lovely broccoli, that must be picked right now before it is too mature. I planted it out shortly after we got back from our holiday in August, so that is how long it took to be ready.

Ooops sorry - more green.

The 2nd thing I am pleased about is the campanulas plants I put in last year are about to flower.I know they are a northern hemisphere temperate plant but not many thing make you wait more than a year to reward . I can't remember now if they are the cup and saucer variety, but this one looks to have pink buds.
 Well I am off now into my green world to do some work. Tomorrow I am up very early as we ( the girls and I from patchwork group )are off on our annual bus trip to Northshore Stadium in Auckland to Calico Christmas.
* I just tried a  purple surround. It was more difficult to read. Eyes vary and some backgrounds make it hard to see, so  maybe I will  just  stick  to white and green 

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molly said...

It looks SO green you'd think you were in Ireland!