Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mowing and Growing.

Thank you all for your comments. ( Hi Button Mad. ) It seems I need to do the scone thing again really soon as we had visitors at the weekend and now the scones from the freezer are all gone. Sunday was a bright sunny day so we gardened and I mowed all the lawns including the new patch. See how lush it is looking.
 Things in the vege garden are now taking off - there are the first few flowers on the peas; the tomato plant row now has 13 plants, the potatoes have been hoed up and the broccoli in the far corner is ready to eat in about 2 more days.The Spring onions you can't see in the right corner are being used fast but some are trying to go to seed. ( very versatile things....they can go in stir fries and in salads and even added near the end of longer cooked dishes.) We have some more ready to go in.
Today I have only done 90 minutes kiwifruit bud thinning because of rain. But I have fitted in some sewing and now finished my mailbox wall hanging.

R has cut me a 20" piece of aluminium rod to hang it by, so I just need to add 2 small hanging sleeves on the back and make a label.


Pam said...

Wall hanging looks lovely! As does grass.

Meggie said...

Such lush and rich grass! And the wallhanging is looking great!

Janice said...

Your vege garden is coming along nicely. You are much more organised than me, I'm only planting things now. I've really been interested in your lawn progress, as I've never heard of that method before. No wonder you are happy with the way it has turned out. I love your wallhanging and bet you have just the spot picked out to hang it.

molly said...

Just as our growing season is slowing down yours is speeding up! Your blueberries look yum! Throw some in to the next batch of those tasty looking scones!