Tuesday, November 29, 2011


If we look back 2 posts to one week ago, we see the progress that has happened with the kiwifruit flowers. Many are now set. See the fat round shape behind the stamens - that is the fruit starting to plump out. The petals are falling off, as their job is done. This makes working under the vines messy as the petals and stamen fall all over me and down my neck. That will all soon be gone. Yesterday we had the second ( and final ) round of artificially applied male pollen. Mary goes up and down each row on her quad bike.

It is difficult trying to get a photo of the pollen in the air.

I watched her do the whole of this block. She is a very careful, capable lady. The pollen is blown up from the triangular shaped stainless steel chute. ( can you see any in the air? )
Strapped on the back of the quad bike  is a sack of pollen for when she needs to refill. There are many operators all around the area doing the same job. It took just over an hour to do all our blocks. ( it just gives the bees a helping hand and hopefully gets to any flowers they may have missed.)

I took this photo to try and show some of the wind damage. See the dried up leaves where this small branch has been broken out at it's armpit. We have to very carefully remove it without breaking any more bits. Sometimes cutting it into several bits works best. It is lucky we started with so many flowers cause the wind sure is a ruthless pruner.
 That's all looking a bit green again. Here are some brilliant scarlet flowers in the garden for a contrast.

Petunias and below a Day Lily.

* the forecast rain was only half a mil over night so that's not much help.
* JEH  I doubt very much if there will be any peas left when you get here. That's why we are freezing some. See you really soon!
* No sewing has taken place. sigh.


molly said...

Love those beautiful green tunnels! I seem to be all over the place this evening....those little eggs you showed last post, or one before? I am always fascinated by the symmetry and beauty of the patterns in nature.
Not to mention the tastes! Those peas and spuds had my mouth watering!

Meggie said...

The Petunias are lovely.
I am surprised that Mary does not wear a mask?

Laurie from Rotorua said...

I just love the red flowers, and the little kiwi fruits so neat to see that
hugs Laurie