Saturday, January 13, 2007

Been ( Bean ) Busy.

Rain, rain, I'm trying to sew, sew, sew. Between the showers I have been bean picking.....Oh my, Oh My! See what I got. Both the Scarlet Runners ( the bigger fat ones,on the left , that grow up a frame ) and the Chef's Choice ( low growing ) are producing well. Too well, when I am the picker! I'll have to try and give some away; ( don't really care for freezing them ), as it is we are eating them every dinnertime. Sorry , my dear friends who have snow piled up at your doors; you'd probably love some fresh green beans...( come right over ) My Mother said not to put beans in my ears, beans in my ears...what a silly old song that sprang to mind!


Molly said...

Your beans look fabulous. I am visiting through Molly Bawn. We are having winter here in the USA, but it has been unseasonably warm.

Suzy said...

Been (bean) reading your blog and been (he he) envious of those fresh beans. Nothing like munching on them as you pick! So what's for tea tonight?

Joyce said...

Yummy beans. One of our favorite fresh veggies. They do tend to produce too much at once though. My DH's favorite pickle is Mustard Bean so I have used lots of surplus beans for that over the years. I don't like them frozen either. THey seem to get tough and are only good in soup then.

Downunderdale said...

I will swap the beans and the rain (epecially) for the meat. It is going to be 36 today and already very hot.

Tazzie said...

Ohhh my goodness, you have bean busy haven't you! *ggls*

ForestJane said...

Both varieties look good to me! We have lots of rain here too, but at least it's not ice like my neighboring states to the north and west are getting.

meggie said...

Oh Ali, those beans made me soo long for some again! They dont seem to sell the Scarlet runners over here in OZ. I loved them the best, of all the beans, when they were young, have such a lovely flavour.
I have been enjoying catching up again with your blog- love all your photos!