Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Picnics and Meetings.

It wasn't too hot and it didn't rain so 18 of our P & Q members met in a local park for the Annual ( apparently ) Picnic. It was a pleasant time but involved a lot of fetching and carrying for a very short time where mostly chat and a little eating and drinking were the order of the day . Some efforts was made by everyone to try and all do some hand sewing but not a great deal was achieved. I guess it was a bonding and relaxing session. ( Notice how green the grass is with all the recent rain! )
Prior to the picnic we had our 1st Committee Meeting for the year; on the other side of the city ( who had that bright idea ) . As a new member I tried to go with the is all very informal and I think that has inherent risks , but we'll see. Few of the previous comm members are still on board and I think that wastes a lot of time with new folk making that link .( Someone needs to know what has happened historically ) I have already started my job as the librarian for the group. That involves me collecting magazines that are on order from a local shop; ( some are sent ), cataloguing, numbering, making cards, pockets and pockets for the patterns. That is all fine; I've done it before. The perk of the job is I get first look at all the mags that come my way.There are a few other responsibilities and at group days - I have to issue books and check off returns . Firstly I intend having an amnesty for all the ones which are missing.....forget fines just bring the mags or books back please.There are between 300 and 400 books and magazines already in our Library cupboard so it is a good resource and should be used. Obviously some books are more popular than others.
I'm looking forward to another good year for our group and want to help where I can.


Joyce said...

Wow! I would like to get my hands on some of those magazines and books. I don't suppose I could be a member from over here in Canada? Lol. I think amnesty is a great idea. Our local library never charges fines. THey just give you a phone call to remind you that you are overdue. Apparently they save money in the long run because they lose far fewer books.

Digitalgran said...

What a lovely meeting. If we had a picnic in the UK today we'd be blown away Ali.

Shelina said...

Ali, I think you are taunting us with green grass, people sitting with short sleeves and shorts, while I am sitting here shivering with my sweatshirt and sweatpants.

It would be fun to get the first look at all the magazines and books when they come in.

Amnesty is a great idea. Our local library makes us sit and read for 15 minutes and they waive all the fines. They do this every summer, and a couple of other times throughout the year.

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for your comments ladies. Shelina I tried to leave you a comment but for some reason on your site I can't scroll down far enough to click the publish comment tab.....not sure why. Anyway I wanted to say I do that too and have found many of my favourite site that way!